I design effective visual communications for corporate, institutional, public interest, publishing, and media clients.

I graduated from Kutztown State University (back then it was Kutztown State College) in southeastern Pennsylvania with a BFA in advertising design. After working at a couple of advertising agencies for a few years, I moved to the design studio of Wickham and Associates, and then had the great fortune to land the position of Art Director for the American Film Institute. I commissioned illustration and photography, and supervised two assistants in the design of American Film magazine and a large number of projects for the entire Institute, including programs for the AFI Life Achievement Awards in Hollywood.

When I opened my independent design office I continued designing magazines and other editorial products, and soon discovered how much I like collaborating with a rich variety of clients. Today from my office in Reston, Virginia I am involved with logo and branding projects, book design, brochures and other print materials, and have also developed work in the digital realm for websites, landing and sales pages online, as well as ebook design for Kindle, iBooks, and Nook formats.

In my world, graphic design is the body language of the written word. It’s the visual medium for your message, crafted to communicate to the world