Scholarly. Literary. Youthful. Upbeat. Fantastical. Funny. Historical. What’s your book’s personality? And how will typography and format support and enhance its character?

At Page & Cover we are experts at constructing the architecture of your book’s interior. We believe well-designed books become immersive experiences… that there’s a subtlety and seduction in the play of ink and page; in beautiful fields of typography bordered by clean white fences of margin; in the spaces and rhythms that carry us into the story. To us, the typographic details are the DNA of a book — the building blocks that allow it to come to life as a visual medium in our hands and in our minds.

More than just attention to margins and fonts, we specialize in designing interior typography and formatting that gives each book proper structure, flow, and character. We can finesse any table, any box, any special element or section you can come up with so that it integrates beautifully into the overall design of the book. You have our guarantee that finished files will meet all printing specifications.

We love photo books.

Designing layouts with photos is a particular passion here at Page & Cover. Maybe it’s all those years in the magazine business, but we never met a photo spread we didn’t love. In fact, it’s usually a surprise to our authors how good their pictures can look when they have been thoughtfully presented for maximum impact.

At Page & Cover we’ll give your art or photos all the care they deserve. Any prints or flat artwork will be expertly scanned. We’ll optimize all digital files for resolution, sharpness, and balance, retouching as needed, to make sure they reproduce at the highest possible level.