We know how to make magazines.

Our involvement with publication design is broad and deep, having worked with more than 25 magazines and newsletters over the years. Some of them were start-ups, some were re-designs, and many became long term contracts for producing issues as monthlies or quarterlies for a variety of readerships and niches: consumer and newsstand, business-to-business, trade journals and non-profit communications—often with award-winning results.

We bring the same level of sophistication to our work for periodicals as we do book design, partnering closely with editors to achieve words and images that work together for maximum impact. To us, a magazine is an immersive and interactive medium. As readers turn the pages, the publication becomes a space to live inside, where they go from room to room, all under one editorial roof.

We handle big production budgets and small. We can art direct photo shoots, commission custom illustrations, or concoct Photoshop creations from stock that just look that way. Whether your pub goes on press or publishes online—or both—we’ll produce a product that makes you look good.